Protection of forests in Finland

The national parks and strict nature reserves constitute the basic framework of the nature conservation network. Other areas dedicated to biodiversity conservation include, inter alia, strictly protected zones in so called wilderness areas, protected old-growth forests and areas under other conservation programmes, as well as habitats of specias importance as defined in the Forest Act.

3.0 million hectares of forests are protected or under restricted use, which is 13 % of the total forest area. Forest refers here to forest land and poorly productive forest land, including also forested peatlands.

The total forest area under strict conservation is 2.1 million ha i.e. 9% of the total forest area. It is a large share in international terms. Most of the protected forest areas are in northern Finland (2.5 million hectares), while in southern part of the country the share of protected forest areas is much smaller (0.5 million hectares).


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