Use of wood

Finland has long traditions in sustainable use of wood. The yearly growth of forests exceeds 105 million cubic metres. Of this, just over half is processed into various products.

The industrial use of forests for sawn timber and paper products began in the late 19th century. Relative to its size, Finland is more dependent on forests and the forest industry than any other country in the world. As a consequence, Finland has accumulated an expertise in forestry and industrial manufacturing of forest products that is unique in Europe.

New products and services

Besides pulp, paper and sawnwood, new products and services have been derived from wood and its constituents. Biomasses originating in forests are now being used in textile fibres, medicines, chemicals, functional foods, plastics, cosmetics, smart packaging and biofuels. New opportunities are still seen in wood product industry, building, intelligent papers and bio-refineries, and in food and pharmaceutical industry.

In Finland renewable energy already represents almost 35% of the final energy consumption  The objective set for Finland by the EU is 38% by 2020. Wood accounts for 80% of our renewable energy. Most of that is produced by the side streams of wood-based industries.


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