Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy Conference

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Aika: ti 31.5. klo 0.00–ke 1.6. klo 0.00

A Nordic Road map for Blue Bioeconomy is being developed under the Finnish presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers. The objective is to embark on a growth trend that will boost the Blue Bioeconomy sectors.

The main event in developing the Nordic Road map is an international conference on Blue Bioeconomy to be held at the House of the Estates, Helsinki, Finland 31 May and 1 June 2016.

The main Conference themes are:

  • Producing innovative seafood
  • High-value products and water clean-tech
  • Developing a Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy

The conference aims at interactive discussions on the growth potential in Blue Bioeconomy. Participants in the conference will have the possibility to hear and meet forerunners in the Blue Bioeconomy business and learn about innovative and smart solutions in value creation from aquatic renewable resources. Participants will also get an advance presentation of the draft Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy and will have the opportunity to affect the draft.

Excellent opportunity for networking and meeting the best experts in the Blue Bioeconomy!
Please visit at the conference web site at and utilize the early bird registration until 15th April, 2016.

Conference program

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