Feeds and animal nutrition

Feeds play a key role in the safety of the food chain

Most of the feeds fed to food-producing animals are both produced and used on Finnish farms. A considerable share of the raw materials used in the domestic animal feed industry comes from Finnish farms or the domestic foodstuffs industry, but some raw materials are also imported. Feed costs are a major factor in the economies of livestock farms.

Finland has a long tradition of controlling the safety and quality of animal feeds and their raw materials. For example, the incidence of salmonella in animal feeds has been monitored since 1960 and the current system of hygiene control own-checks was launched jointly by the controlling authorities and feed producers in the early 1990s.

The purpose of feed legislation is to ensure the quality, safety and traceability of feeds and the provision of appropriate information on feeds. The main objective is to safeguard animal health and the high quality of foods of animal origin. In addition to feedstuffs for food-producing animals, feed legislation also applies to feeds for fur animals and pet foods. 

The quality and safety of animal feeds are controlled by the Finnish Food Authority.



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