Adaptation in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry administrative branch   

Adaptation challenges in the administrative branch of the ministry 

The main short-term challenges due to climate change in agriculture and food production relate to methods to manage the production and income-related risks, reducing the threats to plant and farm animal health, maintaining the growing capacity of the soil, and developing plant breeding and feeding of farm animal. Key issues for the long term include securing emergency supplies and curbing eutrophication. 

The greatest short-term challenges in forestry relate to forest damages, including storm damages due to the increasingly frequent extreme weather events. The adverse impacts of climate change on ecosystems or, on the positive side, the more rapid tree growth will be seen in the longer term.
Good progress has been made in terms linking climate change adaptation to water management, where the approach has traditionally been risk based and the time span for planning is long.

The impacts of climate change on fisheries, reindeer husbandry and game management will only be seen in the long term via the changes in ecosystems. 

Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change 

The administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for climate change adaptation measures in agriculture and food production, forestry, water management, fishing and fisheries, reindeer husbandry and game management. 

The Action Plan for the Adaptation to Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 2011–2015 - Security of Supply, Sustainable Competitiveness and Risk Management came out in spring 2011. The aim was to integrate adaptation in the regular planning and implementation processes of the ministry. 

The action plan specifies measures concerning agriculture, forestry, fisheries, game management, rural policy and water management. Key measures relate to emergency supplies and risk management, plant and animal health, preparing for forest damages, plant breeding, flood risk management, and protection of forest biodiversity and waters. Research and development work as well as communication are also important in promoting climate change adaptation.

The action plan is currently being updated.

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