Climate-friendly Food Programme

In line with the Government Programme, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is preparing a Climate Food Programme aimed to support the transition of society towards a climate-sustainable food system. The project was launched in the beginning of 2020.

A climate-sustainable food system takes into account all dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, cultural and ecological. The programme will support the objective of the Finnish Government to achieve a carbon neutral Finland by 2035.

The Climate Food Programme focuses on what happens from the field onwards, with the main emphasis on reducing emissions from the consumption of food.

The programme will be prepared in close cooperation with the set of measures concerning the land use sector. This set of measures is intended to finance projects focused on primary production and arable lands that reduce carbon dioxide emissions from agriculture and emissions from the LULUCF sector.

The Climate Food Programme will define the objectives that have the best and greatest impact on creating a climate-sustainable food system in Finland. After the preparatory phase, key projects will be prioritised, a network of project actors will be established, and funding, objectives and the target timetable will be decided.

Hanna Mattila, Ministerial Adviser, on Twitter @hsmattila and #ilmastoruoka

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Hanna Mattila, Ministerial Adviser 
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