European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Operational Programme for Finland 2014–2020

The objective of the operational programme is to create a competitive setting for the fisheries sector, encouraging and enabling the sustainable growth and reform of the sector’s value chain. The measures under the programme will remove obstacles to developing the sector, improve the competitiveness of companies and promote the generation of new business. Improved operating conditions are expected to enable the expansion and diversification of production and to increase its value. The target is that the annual turnover of the commercial fisheries value chain exceeds €1,000 million in 2020.

Other programme objectives include promoting the viability and diversity of Finnish fish stocks, reconciling of the aims of fisheries, water use and environmental protection, and promoting other sea-related economic activities and environmental protection within the framework of the Integrated Maritime Policy.

The strategy of the operational programme consists of four objectives: competitiveness, renewal, sustainability and efficient administration. The approach will aim for across-the-board development in the sector, while support for primary production will be prioritised in financing. In particular, support will be allocated to measures that promote growth and renewal in the fisheries sector and the field of blue bioeconomy.

Further information

Timo Halonen, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Natural Resources Department, Fisheries Industry Unit 0295162411