A new research strategy for the forest sector 

A new research strategy for the forest-based business and activities was completed in December 2015. The strategy specifies the main fields of research and measures to further enhance the effectiveness of research. It is a new tool for the allocation of research funding from public sources.  The strategy was prepared by the Finnish Forest Association, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The strategy identifies four main themes according to which research is to be targeted in the future:
1. Forest-based business and activities create growing welfare in a bio-based society

Futures study of bioeconomy anticipates changes in the society. Information is also needed on factors that constitute obstacles to or facilitate the growth of bioeconomy.  

2. Diverse benefits from forest in a sustainable way
The supply of renewable natural resources is the foundation of forest-based value networks.  In order for the use of forests to be acceptable, all dimensions of sustainability must be duly accounted for. In the rapidly digitalising operating environment new opportunities will be offered through efficient utilisation of spatial information.

3. More value and flexibility to production and services
More advanced technologies are needed to achieve resource and cost-efficient production. Management and analysis of the available information and electronic services must to be developed as well.

4. Conscious consumption as the driving force of change in bioeconomy
Networked operating models are needed in bioeconomy where the benefits to be gained from synergies among the sectors and actors are fully recognised. New bioeconomy products and services produce added value.

The preparation of the research strategy was one of the projects included in the project portfolio of the National Forest Strategy 2025. 

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