Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry involved in project to prepare for European forest partnership

24.11.2022 15.43
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry participates in a project on preparing for a European forest partnership to promote research cooperation in the forest sector. The four-year project ‘European Forest Research and Innovation Ecosystem’ EUFORE, implemented under the Horizon Europe Programme, will evaluate and outline the research, development and innovation needs in the forest sector and provide a platform for strengthening European cooperation. The work is led by the European Forest Institute (EFI).

Decision on climate work on agriculture at Climate Change Conference

21.11.2022 13.45
Tulviva pelto Suomessa
With respect to agriculture, the aim at the Climate Change Conference COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt was to complete the work under the Koronivia Joint Work in Agriculture launched in 2017 and to agree on the future of climate work on agriculture under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Trilogue reached provisional agreement on Commission’s LULUCF proposal

11.11.2022 9.33
All legislative initiatives of the extensive Fit-for-55 package published by the European Commission in summer 2021 have now proceeded to the trilogue negotiations. The negotiations on the LULUCF Regulation concerning land use, land use change and forestry that started on Thursday 10 November continued till the small hours. An outcome was reached, but the agreement is provisional until it has been formally adopted.

Government proposal to ban salmon fishing in River Tenojoki to Parliament

17.11.2022 13.25
The government proposal to ban salmon fishing in the River Tenojoki (Tana) in 2023 was submitted to Parliament at the government plenary session on Thursday 17 November 2022. Salmon fishing in the River Tenojoki is to be prohibited in order to enable the recovery of the salmon stocks.

Instructions of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry concerning seasonal workers no longer in force 

1.7.2022 10.06
The instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ‘Safe entry of seasonal primary production workers into Finland – instructions for employers’ are no longer applicable. However, the updated guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on hygiene related to COVID-19 must be complied with.

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