Land survey and spatial data

The cadastral system and the national spatial data infrastructure are a key part of the society’s basic data infrastructure.


  • Cadastral system and surveying »

    The cadastral register and the title and mortgage register are maintained through land survey operations and registration decisions.

  • Maps and basic spatial data »

    Public mapping and maintaining the national topographic data system form the core of the national positioning system.

  • Developing the spatial data infrastructure »

    The interoperability and usability of spatial data sets are improved in collaboration with a broad range of parties.

  • Spatial data research »

    Research on spatial data supports innovation and the maintenance of the topographic data system (MTJ) and the land information system (KTJ)

  • Legislation »

    The administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for the legislation on the cadastral system, spatial data infrastructure and land survey administration.