Blog: Renewable Finland

Blog: Renewable Finland

The Renewable Nature of Finland – A World of Opportunity

Jaana Husu-Kallio Published Date 21.3.2019 11.40 Blog Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has renewed its administrative branch strategy. The main ingredients are still the same, but they are now fresher and have been infused with a new flavour. The sustainable use of natural resources and new opportunities for food production remain at the heart of the Ministry’s activities. We are also setting ambitious goals for maintaining the vitality of rural areas and creating information resources based on geographical, property and housing company data. Our strategy and its implementation are part of Finland’s renewal process, which is guided by the principles of ecological, social and financial sustainability.

The question at the core of sustainable development is how we can organise the commercial utilisation of our natural resources in a way that is also optimal from the perspectives of society and the environment. With this in mind, our new strategy is closely intertwined with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, not least important of which is ensuring the conditions for safe, high-quality food production.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is truly a ministry of sustainable development, and we are doing our part to solve the most important questions facing Finland and all of humanity.  We have a great deal of opportunities to advance the sustainable development goals through the bioeconomy and circular economy, land use, food production and the sustainable use of natural resources. Our work and decision-making always take into account people, the environment and the economy.

Our new strategy aims to respond to the global drivers of change identified and described as part of the Government’s foresight activities ( In building the future, it is essential to consider factors including climate change, the changing state of the environment, technological advances, the transformation of work and changes in values and attitudes.

Agriculture and forestry will continue to be the main focus of our work. This includes safeguarding the wellbeing of people, plants and animals and advancing the sustainable use of water, fish, game and other renewable resources.

We feel that many of the things we take for granted, such as pristine nature and clean water, high-quality primary production and a well-functioning society, present a great opportunity for Finland to succeed in an increasingly uncertain world.

Inspired by our new strategy, we in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are working to create a Finland capable of renewal and development – we are involved in building a renewable and sustainable food system and natural resources economy and in developing an innovative geographical information system.

Jaana Husu-Kallio, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Jaana Husu-Kallio Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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