Research and competence on the blue bioeconomy – Strategy work

Research and competence building agenda on the blue bioeconomy

The demand for solutions that recycle and save water is growing dramatically and food production is increasing in water areas. When the public and private sectors engage in goal-oriented collaboration, Finland can offer competitive solutions to the world's challenges. The priority areas for research and competence in support of sustainable blue bioeconomy business have been defined in broadly-based cooperation. The Ministerial working group on the bioeconomy and clean solutions adopted the research agenda for the blue bioeconomy on 12 June 2018.

One of the strategic goals of the national development plan on the blue bioeconomy 2025 is impactful research and education. To promote this, a strategic research and competence building agenda on the blue bioeconomy is to be prepared in collaboration between the administration, key financers and organisations representing education, research and companies. The aim is to have an impact on how research funding is targeted and make it easier to participate in the formation and activities of international research networks. Priorities for the short and long term will also be established for research and competence building in the different fields of the blue bioeconomy.


  1. Water-based wellbeing and services
  2. Aquatic bioproducts and bioproduction
  3. Water expertise and technology
  4. Energy, nutrients and industrial symbioses


  1. Launch of changes in research and competence building in support of boosting the blue bioeconomy
  2. Better impact of R&D activities by targeting limited resources to the achievement of commonly defined goals
  3. Improving the access to international R&D funding and its impact
  4. Enhancing the competence base of the future