Climate programme for Finnish agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has drawn up 2014 a climate programme for Finnish agriculture, called “Steps towards Climate Friendly Food”. Its objective is to enhance the sustainability of the Finnish food system.

The programme presents 76 measures to facilitate the adaptation of food production and consumption to climate change and/ or to mitigate the change. The measures were selected based on the most recent scientific research and the views of various experts involved in the food system.

Key measures identified in the climate programme for Finnish agriculture:

  1. Carbon sequestration into soil
  2. Measures relating to the use of peatlands
  3. Plant breeding
  4. Plant and animal health and preventing the spread of invasive alien species
  5. Handling and treatment of manure and more accurate nitrogen fertilisation
  6. Energy efficiency and the production and consumption of renewable energy
  7. Reducing food loss all through the food system
  8. Changes towards a more plant-based diet

Climate-friendly food production and consumption

The sustainability of the Finnish food system is founded on profitable food production and responsible consumption. By improving sustainability in a comprehensive way it is also possible to increase the profitability of production.

Climate change poses a great challenge for food production. Climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts should be addressed at all stages of our food system.

Climate-friendly food production is energy and material efficient, and its emissions per litre and kilo of production are minimised.

Climate-friendly consumption is based on preferring plant-based food produced in a sustainable manner and avoiding food loss.

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