Agricultural support

The agricultural support system consists of several support instruments. Based on the source of funding, the different forms of support can be divided into fully EU-funded direct payments, partly EU-funded rural development support and fully nationally funded support. Farmers can benefit from several different forms of support based on the number of animals and hectares of arable land, with different support forms having specific goals and conditions.

In addition to support forms that ensure the basic profitability of production, farmers may also be eligible for investment support for improving their farms. Payment levels vary depending on the investment target. Young farmers receive setting-up support for setting up as a farmer and also area-based aid from EU.

Finnish Food Authority is responsible for implementing the support schemes and administering the support payments.

Aid to farmers based on the EU CAP

In the European Union, agricultural policy falls under EU competence, and individual Member States are allowed to apply their national agricultural policies within the limits of EU provisions. The Finnish agricultural support system is based on the EU CAP support forms, which include the EU’s direct payments and the partially EU-funded natural constraint payments and environment payments. In addition, EU support schemes also promote animal welfare and organic production. The support package is complemented with the Finnish national aid system to account for the special circumstances in Finland.

EU support schemes are implemented in all Member States in accordance with EU regulations and the more detailed implementation rules adopted by the European Commission. Individual Member States have very limited decision-making power in the application of EU regulations. When regulations are drafted, Finland always tries to ensure that the texts take into account the special characteristics of Finnish agriculture. The CAP reform gave Member States some decision-making competence, for example, in the application of direct payments coupled to production.

Finland’s national aid system consists of two main elements: national aid for farmers in Southern Finland and Nordic aid. Certain other forms of national aid are also available, but they are more limited and targeted in nature. The payment of national aid requires approval from the Commission. Before being submitted to the Commission, the programme proposals concerning national aid are discussed with the central organisations of agricultural producers.

The Commission’s decisions on national aid set the limits for national decisions. The annual preparation of national aid schemes is based on the wider coordination of the support system, the funds available, and the framework conditions determined by Commission decisions.

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