Wood construction is promoted in Finland


In Finland, the manufacture of wood products has long traditions. The choice of products is extensive, from sawn timber to engineered products, interior design products and furniture from top-class designers. Wood solutions have had a strong position in the construction sector and wood accounts for about 40% of all building materials. Nearly 80% of detached houses have a wooden frame. Wood is also used in structures, windows, doors and finished surfaces, and also at construction sites to build, for example, moulds. Used on internal surfaces, wood improves indoor air quality and levels out moisture variations.

Wood as renewable raw material provides long-term carbon sequestration potential, and thus is promoted in Finland for use in construction, above all for building blocks of flats in wood. "Wood on the move and new products from forests" is one of the key projects of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government Programme.

The Finnish Sawmills Association
Finnish Forest Industries: Wood products industry and wood construction
Ministry of the Environment: Building


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