Forests and climate change 

Climate change is expected to change Finland’s forests. Climate change is projected to raise temperatures and increase precipitation and the frequency of extreme weather events. This means that in the future changes will be needed in the forest management practices.

Climate change increases forest growth and uncertainties

Climate warming and immigrant species coming to our country may increase the risks related to forest health. A contingency plan has been drawn up to prepare for possible forest damages. Forest health and changes in it are monitored nationally.

Carbon sequestered in forests and wood products.

Forests sequester and store carbon, and they are a significant carbon sink. The capacity of forests to serve as a carbon reservoir and sink can be improved through forest regeneration and timely forest management measures.

Climate change and harmful environmental impacts can be prevented by replacing non-renewable raw materials with renewable ones, such as by using wood in construction and various kinds of products. Wood-based materials can be used as substitutes for e.g. plastics.

To fight against climate change, it is important to improve the efficiency of energy use and move the focus in energy production from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. In Finland wood-based energy, i.e. wood-based fuels, are produced from side streams of forest industry processes and from logging residue, branches, stumps and small-diameter wood. 


Role of forests in climate change mitigation - infographics (in Finnish)
Finland’s National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2022T

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