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Sustainable development secures good living conditions also for the future generations

The core principle in sustainable development is to secure good living conditions for the present and future generations. Efforts are made to strike a balance between human wellbeing, economic considerations and the environment. The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development ensures that the international sustainable development objectives are duly incorporated into national policies. Sustainable development has had a major role in the strategies and programmes of the Finnish Government ever since the 1990s.                          

Instead of a traditional strategy document, the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development drew up the society’s commitment to sustainable development in 2013, entitled ”the Finland we want by 2050”. The commitment sets down the objectives in promoting sustainable development. By giving the commitment the government bodies and institutions undertake to promote sustainable development in all their work and action. Society’s commitment to sustainable development is a long-term vision of the Finland of the future.

The various actors of the society give their own commitments to action in a way that the common objectives of the society’s commitment are achieved. By the commitment the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry undertakes to improve the conditions for domestic primary production and further processing of fish, with the aim that the Finns will continue to have fish produced in a responsible and sustainable way on their plates. The objective is to increase the production of domestic fisheries products in a sustainable way, improve the status of fish stocks, enhance cooperation within the fisheries sector and with other actors, such as the local food sector, and manage the conflicts relating to fisheries. The commitment also highlights the impacts of fish and fishing on health and wellbeing.

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