Mr Antti Kurvinen has been the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland since April 2022. In his office he is assisted by State Secretary and Special Advisors.

Ministers secretary

Johanna Klemettinen-Kataja, tel +358 (0)295162102

Email to the Ministers secretary: ministerinsihteeri.mmm(at)

State Secretary

State Secretary assist ministers in political steering and planning. In line with the ministers' instructions, they also assist and represent the ministers in the drafting of policy outlines, conduct of inter-ministerial coordination, harmonising of policy positions, implementation of the Government Programme in the ministry's administrative branch, and the handling of EU and other international duties. 

State Secretaries of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry are Anni-Mari Vimpari and Ann-Mari Kemell.

Special Advisers

Special advisers serve as political assistants to the respective ministers.

Special adviser Lasse Kontiola, tel +358 400 694 233                                   
Secretary Tuula Hedlund, tel. +358 295 16 2371, e-mail: forename.surname(at) [tuula.hedlund]

Special adviser Pertti Hakanen, tel. +358 50 050 5997 
Secretary Tuire Jansson-Patiño, tel. +358 295 16 2355, e-mail: forename.surname(at) [tuire.jansson-patino]