ELY Centres may grant funding for a project intended to

  • promote the diverse and sustainable use of a water body
  • promote achieving and maintaining a good status in the water body
  • reduce the danger and losses caused by floods, persistent droughts or other unusual hydrological conditions
  • promote the passage fish or the natural reproduction of fish populations or to improve the opportunities for sustainable fisheries
  • increase the diversity of the aquatic flora and fauna
  • reduce the risks in waters or on shores posed by structures that have remained or ended up in water bodies or any losses caused by such structures, or
  • complete or enhance a measure that has previously been implemented in a water body or on land with State support or to reduce the losses caused by such a measure.

Funding is granted primarily to projects that serve several purposes. The aim is to examine the impacts of the funded projects from several viewpoints, taking into account different objectives to maximise the overall benefits of the project. Projects are designed in connection with the planning of water resource management and flood risk management efforts.

Funding for flood protection is targeted at measures to reduce flood damages to human settlements and key infrastructure.  Priority flood protection measures are designed in flood risk management plans.

Support for community water service measures is targeted at the expansion of sewerage systems in sparsely populated areas, in accordance with the national sewerage programme drawn up in collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of the Environment. The programme runs until 2016.

Funding is also available for the basic drainage of fields, meaning the cleaning, improvement and other basic maintenance of field channels. Funding is granted to joint basic drainage projects involving two or more farms. The project costs must be reasonable compared to the benefits delivered, and matters concerning environmental protection and management must be taken into account.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry guides ELY Centres and the Finnish Environment Institute in water resources management tasks. Performance objectives and appropriations for official duties as well as development, expert and research activities are determined annually.