Recreational fishing

Finland provides great opportunities for catching different species of fish in varying environments. Each year, some 1.5 million people fish in Finnish waters. Recreational fishing is the most important nature activity for Finns.

The catch of recreational fishing accounts for about a third of the total fish catch in Finland. In inland waters its share is almost 90%. Recreational fishing is mainly concentrated in areas close to major population centres and the lake district, where most holiday homes are located.

The annual catch of recreational fishing totals more than 24 million kg, and almost half of this is caught by nets. However, a simple hook and line is still the most common type of fishing gear. In quantitative terms, the most important species of fish caught in recreational fishing are perch, pike and roach. The annual crayfish catch is approximately 2.5 million crayfish. Three quarters of the catches in recreational fishing end up for human consumption.

Fishing licences can be purchased on the Erä website maintained by Metsähallitus. The website also contains information on fishing in State waters.

The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute’s website contains statistics on recreational fishing catches by species and region.


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