Hunting right

Provisions on hunting right are laid down in the Hunting Act. As a rule, the owner of an area has the right to hunt and make decisions on hunting in the area. The owner of the area may lease the hunting right in whole or in part. The holder of the hunting right may, under conditions laid down by the holder, grant a permit to hunt (hunting permit) to another party unless this is prohibited by the lease contract.

Everyone permanently residing in Finland has the right to hunt in public waters at sea and on islands and islets in public waters at sea belonging to and in the possession of the State. The right to hunt in public waters in lakes and on islands and islets owned by the State in such areas requires that the hunter’s domicile is in the municipality in question. Separate provisions apply to nature reserves under the Nature Conservation Act.

Hunting licences for state-owned hunting grounds are sold by Metsähallitus. Licence fees are confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

All those who practice hunting or act as a hunting master must have a hunting card. A person who assists in hunting as a dog handler, as a driver in cervid hunting or in some other a comparable manner does not need to have a hunting card.