Animal by-products and derived products

Animal by-products and derived products mean all products of animal origin that are not used as food, such as slaughterhouse and dairy by-products, dead animals and manure. By-products also include catering waste and former foodstuffs of animal origin withdrawn from the market. Animal by-products may contain pathogens or chemical residues that may cause diseases to both humans and animals. When handled properly, by-products do not present a risk to human or animal health.

By-product control activities are directed by the Finnish Food Authority.

Importing and exporting animal by-products

Imports and exports of animal by-products mean their import from or export to non-EU countries (third countries). More information on the import and export requirements concerning animal by-products and the related import and export control and certificates is provided by the Finnish Food Authority.




Further information

Kirsti Huovinen, Ministerial Adviser 
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