Rural Development Unit

The task of the Rural Development Unit is to promote the viability and renewal of the rural areas, economic conditions and competitiveness of business activities, action based on local self-initiative and care for the environment through measures under the EU part-funded Rural Development Programme and national action. 

E-mail addresses are in the form

Vesanto Taina
Head of Unit
tel. +358 2951 62405

Kiikkala Meri
Senior Specialist
tel. +358 2951 62042

Repo Mia
Administrative Assistant
tel. +358 2951 62201

Coordination of the Rural Development Programme

Hartman Tiina
Senior Specialist
tel. +358 2951 62271

Loikkanen Eeva
Senior Specialist
animal welfare
tel. +358 2951 62015

Malm Tiina
Ministerial Adviser
environment, animal welfare
tel. +358 2951 62428

Pehkonen Eero
Ministerial Adviser
tel. +358 2951 62217

Tapio-Biström Marja-Liisa
Ministerial Adviser
Climate and environmental impacts of the rural program
tel. +358 2951 62400

Terho Virva 
Ministerial Adviser
tel. +358 2951 62141


Regional development

Anttila Leena
Ministerial Adviser
technical assistance, international projects, Baltic Sea, EIP
tel. +358 2951 62240

Auri Elina
Chief Specialist
island policy
tel. +358 2951 62041

Husberg Antonia
Ministerial Adviser
Rural Policy Council (MANE), rural policy
tel. +358 2951 62033

Jänis Laura
Senior Specialist
Leader, local development, regional policy
tel. +358 2951 62090

Kalliokoski Juuso
Chief Specialist
enterprise support
tel. 358 2951 62470

Karlsson Joel
Senior Specialist
Risk management in agriculture and rural enterprises. Operating and financial plan. Budget preparation.
tel. +358 2951 62019

Latvakoski Laura
Rural Policy Council (MANE), rural policy
tel. +358 2951 62054

McPartlin Maria
Administrative Assistant
sparsely populated areas
tel. +358 2951 62061

Selkäinaho Marianne
Senior Agricultural Officer
project support
tel. +358 2951 62218

Sihvola Auli
Senior Specialist
sparsely populated areas
tel. +358 2951 62442

Sihvola Sanna
Ministerial Adviser
regional development, steering of Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
tel. +358 2951 62264

Tantarimäki Sami
Planning Officer
rural policy and island policy
tel. +358 2951 62330

Rural structures

Hellstedt Maarit
Project manager
agricultural buildings and technologies
tel. +358 2951 62083

Koivumäki Sanna
Senior Agricultural Officer
tel. +358 2951 62437

Lehtosalo Heini
structural support for agriculture and reindeer husbandry, Agriculture Knowledge and Information System (AKIS), smart agriculture
tel. +358 2951 62057

Meurasalo Saara
Rural Economist
tel. +358 2951 62035

Schulman Anna
Senior Officer
tel.  +358 2951 62199

Further information

Taina Vesanto, Senior Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Food Department, Unit for Rural Development Agriculture and Fisheries Council  0295162405