Game animal damages

Provisions on damages caused by game animals are laid down in the Game Animal Damages Act. The Act determines the grounds and procedures for granting funds for compensating and preventing damages caused by game animals. The Act also defines who are entitled to compensation for game animal damages.

Game animal damages are divided into cervid damages, large carnivore damages and damages caused by other game animals. Currently, compensation is only granted for damages caused by cervids and large carnivores.

Damages involving personal injury are notified to the police of the locality where the damage occurred. Damages to crops, animals, movable property and reindeer are notified to the rural business authority of the locality where the damage occurred and damage to forest to the forestry centre competent in the area where the damage occurred. Notifications must be made without delay.

Traffic damages caused by large carnivores and cervids are not compensated for because there are insurance policies against such damages.

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