Wildlife and game

Game and reindeer management in Finland is practised within the limits permitted by the sustainable use of natural resources.

  • Strategies and management plans »

    Management plans are an essential part of the Finnish Wildlife Consortium’s strategy and key tools in implementing game policy.

  • Key legislation »

    Finnish hunting legislation and hunting activities are based on the principle of sustainable use.

  • Hunting and game management »

    Hunting means the capturing and killing of wild game animals and the hunter taking quarry into possession. Game management means active measures for the benefit of game animals and their viability.

  • Hunting restrictions »

    Hunting can be regulated on various grounds laid down in the Hunting Act and the Hunting Decree.

  • Game animal damages »

    Game animal damages are divided into cervid damages, large carnivore damages and damages caused by other game animals.

  • Large carnivores »

    There are four large land carnivore species in Finland: wolverine, lynx, bear and wolf. They are all protected at all times.

  • Protection of species in the EU and international game policy »

    International cooperation is important in the field of game policy. Many game species move across national borders, and international legislation and agreements apply in Finland, too.

  • Wildlife and game administration »

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is the supreme authority responsible for managing and supervising hunting and game management activities.