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Leader activities are carried out by 53 local action groups (LAGs) operating in all of Finland´s rural areas.

The Leader approach means activities, advisory services and funding to the benefit of specific regions. Leader activities involve local development efforts based on the needs and ideas of local residents. The aim is to strengthen and develop local communities and companies and increase the vitality of the area. The activities help to attract different communities and people of different backgrounds and ages to take part in local development efforts. Young people are a particular priority in Leader activities.

Each LAG has prepared a development strategy based on local needs. The strategies seek growth by developing industries, creating an increased sense of community and building up social capital. In practice, LAGs implement their strategies by providing funding to local enterprises and different development projects.

The name Leader is originally an abbreviation of the French expression “Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l’Économie Rurale”, meaning “links between rural economy development actions”.

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