Use of wood in Finland

Finland has long traditions in the use of wood for manufacturing printing and writing papers and packaging materials, as construction and interior design material, and for energy production. Today wood is also being used for the manufacture of many other everyday products, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and food. New innovative uses include wood and plastic composites and various biochemicals and biopolymers needed in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Modern technologies also enable the use of wood-derived ingredients to produce clothes, plastic, asphalt or animal feed. 

One of the most significant benefits of wood compared to fossil raw materials is its renewability. The greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint of products manufactured from renewable biomass are generally smaller than those of similar products made of fossil-based raw materials.

Increased use of wood in diverse ways and for multiple purposes

Increasing the use of wood for various purposes has been set as the target in many strategies, including the National Forest Strategy and the Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy. The strategies specifically aim to diversify and increas the use of wood, as well as to increase the value added of wooden products and utilisation of by-products.

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