Damage to reindeer

Damage caused to reindeer by a large carnivore should be reported to the municipal rural business authority. The reindeer herding cooperative must place a mark at the location where the damage occurred and recover both ears of each dead reindeer.

The maximum amount to be compensated for as damage to reindeer is the amount corresponding to one and a half times the current value of a reindeer killed by a large carnivore or put down due to damage caused by a large carnivore. The compensation is paid to the reindeer owner or, if the owner is unknown, to the reindeer herding cooperative.

Compensation for reindeer calves that remain lost due to damage caused by a large carnivore between calving and the last day of November (compensation for loss of calves) may be paid to the reindeer herding cooperative to be further distributed to the reindeer owners. The compensation amount is determined on calculated grounds. Special compensation may be paid for exceptionally large damage to reindeer. The reindeer herding cooperatives entitled to special compensation are confirmed by an administrative decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

When necessary, the municipal rural business authority must organise a field inspection at the location where the damage occurred.

Damage to reindeer caused by large carnivores in the 2010s, graph