Restoration of whole catchments helps willow grouse, lake birds and brown trout

riekko lumisena talvena

The RIEKKO (‘WILLOW GROUSE’) project continues the management measures concerning game habitats by Metsähallitus where mires have been restored and made more open, which is important for willow grouse.

In the project, the restoration of a whole catchment is planned at the same time, extending from the mires where willow grouse live to brooks inhabited by trout.

Mires are excellent sites for surface runoff, removing brown colour, nutrients and solid matter from the water running in forest ditches. This benefits the birds living in lakes downstream and prevents siltation in restored trout brooks.

The project is implemented by the Wildlife Service Finland of Metsähallitus.

The project has received international attention: Finland restoring river ecosystems rewilding (The Guardian)