In international comparison, the standard of food safety in products produced and consumed in Finland is very high. Food safety is created as an outcome of actions taken all through the food chain.

Products produced in Finland do not contain chemical substances at levels that would be dangerous to consumers. The presence of bacteria that cause food poisonings is very low in foods that have been tested. Maintaining the good situation in terms of microbiological food safety requires continuous monitoring and strict biosecurity measures, both in primary production and in food industry.

Food fraud is a growing problem in the world, and fraudulent action is also being detected in Finland. Traceability of food and its ingredients is in a key position in fighting against fraud. Besides food fraud, other types of criminal activity may be found in the food chain. These may be involve the pursuit of undue financial gain on a professional basis, which may have dimensions that extend far and wide outside the food-related activities.

The objective of the work on food safety is that the food eaten by consumers in Finland is responsibly produced, tasty, healthy and safe.

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