Forest resources in Finland

Forests cover more than 75 per cent of the land area of Finland. Measured by the proportional share of forest land, Finland is the most forested country in Europe. A total of 20.3 million hectares is available for wood production, of which 61 per cent is privately owned. Finland has the fifth largest wood resources in Europe, after Russia, France, Sweden and Germany.

The volume of growing stock and the state of forests have been monitored in Finland since the 1920's. The growing stock volume in Finland's forests totals 2.5 billion cubic meters. This is 1.7 times the volume recorded in the 1920's.

In the past decades, the volume of wood harvested has been clearly below the growth, which means that the wood resources keep on growing. The total annual growth of Finnish forests is approximately 103,5 million cubic metres (NFI 13). In 2021 roundwood removal was about 76 million cubic metres, 87 percent of which was used by the forest industry and 13 percent for fuelwood consumed in private homes or small-diameter roundwood used as forest chips. In 2021, total drain from Finnish forests was approximately 92 million cubic metres. Total drain from the forest includes roundwood removals as well as roundwood left in the forests as unrecovered logging residues and trees that die for natural causes.

Forest is one of the dominating elements of Finnish nature and its diversity. Almost three million hectares of the Finnish forests are protected or under restricted use, which represents 12,6 per cent of the forest area. This is the highest share in Europe. By a wise combination of utilisation and protection, healthy and diverse forests will be preserved for future generations as well. Forests contribute to the climate change by sequestering carbon, but climate change also poses various new risks for forests that need to be considered in forest management.

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