Lure and trap fishing

Everyone aged 18 to 64 engaging in lure fishing must pay the state fisheries management fee. Everyone who has paid the fisheries management fee and everyone under 18 or at least 65 years of age has the right to engage in lure fishing with one rod and lure in the whole country, except in rapids and currents in waters containing migratory fish or waters where fishing is prohibited under another provision. In trolling, one weighted lure may also be used. When trolling with several rods per person or in the so-called special fishing sites, permit from the fishing right holder is always required regardless of the fisherman’s age.

All fishermen using traps and those catching crayfish must always have a permit granted by the fishing right holder.   Permits for fishing with nets or traps are usually sold by joint owners of fishing waters or their representatives. Public fishing waters in the sea are an exception to the above as no permit is required for recreational fishing.

Stationary fishing gear means a fish trap laid down in place, such as net, longline and other hooked fishing gear, fyke, fish trap and other barrier fishing gear. Fixed fishing gear means a dam and other structure of permanent nature intended for fishing.

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