Large carnivore damage

In the Game Animal Damages Act, a large carnivore means a bear, wolf, wolverine and lynx. Damages caused by a large carnivore include damage caused to arable land, animals, movable property and reindeer.

Damages caused to agriculture and forestry are compensated for from State funds within the limits of the State budget, in accordance with the Game Animal Damages Act.

The maximum amount to be compensated for is the amount corresponding to the output lost or the current value. When calculating the compensation, potential deductions, such as costs saved, are taken into account.

The damage must be notified without delay to enable the assessment of the damage and other measures required by the matter.

Damage to domestic animals, agriculture and reindeer caused by large carnivores in the 2010s, graph


Compensation to be paid for a personal injury is determined according to the provisions of the Tort Liability Act. The event must be reported to the police. The police must perform a police investigation at the place where the damage occurred to establish the grounds for compensation and the compensation amount.


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