Each EU Member State holds the presidency of the Council for six months at a time. The country holding the presidency prepares Council meetings and preparatory meetings (meetings of the working parties and the Special Committee on Agriculture) together with the Commission and the Council Secretariat. The presidency also chairs the meetings at every level. At the beginning of 2007, a new system was introduced: Member States holding the presidency work together in groups of three, having more freedom to decide on meeting arrangements.

Future presidencies:

Hungary July-December 2024

Poland January-June 2025

Denmark July-December 2025

Cyprus January-June 2026

Ireland July-December 2026

Lithuania January-June 2027

Greece July-December 2027

Italy January-June 2028

Latvia July-December 2028

Luxembourg January-June 2029

Netherlands July-December 2029

Slovakia January-June 2030

Malta July-December 2030