More organic!

In the programme of the previous Finnish Government one of the strategic objectives of our agricultural policy was to steer the share of local and organic food into a strong growth path.

In May 2013 the Government adopted a Resolution entitled More organic! Government development programme for the organic product sector and objectives to 2020.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • to increase organic production
  • to diversify the range of organic foods available
  • to improve access to organic food through both the retail sector and institutional kitchens

The Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2014–2020 promotes organic farming, food production and marketing in a number of ways. In the current programming period there is a specific measure to support organic crop and livestock production. Further opportunities under the Rural Development Programme is available at

Consumer campaign - Luomuu!

The consumer campaign to promote organic production in Finland will be seen and heard in 2015–2016 on the TV and radio, shop trolleys and at

The campaign schedule is the following:

  • December 2015: radio
  • May 2016: TV, radio, shop trolleys
  • August 2016: TV, radio
  • December 2016: radio

The cooperation partners for the campaign are the TV channels MTV3 and AVA and Radio Nova. Promotion advertisements will be found in shop trolleys at Prisma, S-Market and K-Supermarket stores in 60 different locations across the country.

The campaign is implemented by the advertising agency Markit Oy.

Further information

Leena Seppä, maatalousylitarkastaja 
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ruokaosasto, Markkinayksikkö 0295162373  

Antero Nikander, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ruokaosasto, Maatalousyksikkö 0295162403