Developing the national spatial data infrastructure

Data resources on geographical features and the related data services form the spatial data infrastructure.  The effectiveness and benefits of a spatial data infrastructure depend on the combinability of data with the help of location (coordinates) or identification data (e.g. an address). The majority of national key data resources are also spatial data.

The INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC lays down requirements for the characteristics and management of spatial data infrastructures consisting of spatial data sets held by public authorities. The Directive is implemented in Finland through the Act on Spatial Data Infrastructure (421/2009) and the complementing Decree (725/2009). Under the leadership of the European Commission, several technical implementing rules have also been drafted.

The development of the national spatial data infrastructure is steered by the National Council for Geographic Information. The development and use of the infrastructure are supported by a cooperation network consisting of different stakeholders and a secretariat operating under the National Land Survey of Finland. Development efforts are targeted in accordance with Finland’s National Spatial Data Strategy.

More information on the spatial data infrastructure, the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, cooperation bodies and the strategy is available in Finland’s national spatial data portal: