Task and objectives

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry secure domestic food production and sustainable use of renewable natural resources and create the preconditions for economic activities and well-being derived from these.

We secure

  • primary production and processing of food in Finland
  • food safety and a high standard of consumer protection and animal health and welfare
  • sustainable utilisation of arable lands, forests and waters and fish and game populations in a way that also the future generations can use and enjoy them

We create the preconditions for

  • bioeconomy based on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources
  • agricultural activities
  • recreational use of nature
  • business and enterprise
  • well-being in the countryside

We enhance well-being by promoting

  • innovation
  • know-how
  • culture and experiences constructed upon renewable natural resources and pure and diverse nature
  • risk management

Our aim is that

  • Finland utilises renewable natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way and as an international pacemaker
  • Finnish food chain is competitive, responds to the consumer needs and operates in a responsible way both nationally and globally
  • food safety is of top international standard


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