Management plans

The management plan for forest grouse aims to improve and increase habitats suitable for forest grouse. Nature management in commercial forests is a key population management measure. Improving and increasing habitats requires long-term efforts that will continue to deliver impacts for decades. It also contributes to mitigating the negative effects of climate change on forest grouse.

The management plan for partridge describes and justifies the management and protection measures necessary for keeping the partridge population viable and genetically pure throughout its current habitat. Another objective is to ensure that the management of the habitats of partridge and other species naturally occurring in agricultural environments is better integrated into land use.

The management plan for the Finnish seal populations in the Baltic Sea outlines measures to maintain the viability of grey seal and ringed seal populations in Finland’s marine waters. The aim is to ensure that seals remain a permanent component of the marine environment and its diverse community of living organisms and to enable the sustainable utilisation of seals as a valuable natural resource.

The purpose of the wetland strategy is to ensure the conservation and sustainable management of wetland environments. The strategy aims to promote multifunctional wetlands, taking into account waterfowl and water protection alike. Another objective is to promote cooperation with hunters, landowners and other operators.