Forest Council

The Forest Council is a body set up by the Government to represent the different uses of forests, and its task is to support the ministry in matters of forest policy that are far-reaching and of fundamental importance. At the same time, the Forest Council acts as a cooperation forum between public administration related to forests and the private sector. The Forest Council monitors and promotes the implementation of the National Forest Strategy and makes proposals for the development of the strategy as a balanced whole. Key decisions related to the strategy are taken in the Forest Council. The Forest Council has 32 members from a wide range of organisations and stakeholders in the sector that use forests.

Working committee  

The task of the Forest Council working committee is to prepare the matters to be discussed in the Forest Council and to promote the implementation of its decisions. In addition, the working committee monitors the implementation of the National Forest Strategy, analyses the results, makes proposals on possible changes to the programme’s measures and prepares follow-up reports on the strategy


The National Forest Strategy will be implemented through key projects. The key projects will increase forest growth, carbon sequestration and wood production, improve the biodiversity of commercial forests and create a competitive operating environment for a renewable and responsible forest-based sector.

In order to promote the implementation of the strategy, networks consisting of experts and stakeholder representatives have been established for the key projects. The networks support the achievement of the strategy’s goals by maintaining the monitoring of the development of the strategy and by participating in the preparation of projects and the concretisation and prioritisation of measures.