Funding for R&D projects

The Ministry’s research and development appropriation is used, in particular, to fund research, development and study projects that support planning, foresight, monitoring and impact assessment activities concerning policy measures and legislation.

The Development Fund for Agriculture and Forestry (Makera) grants R&D funding for research activities that benefit the agri-food sector across a broad front. The main focus is on research concerning the sustainable development of the profitability and competitiveness of livelihoods. Makera also provides funding for research on reindeer husbandry, natural means of livelihood and development activities in the Skolt Sámi area and rural research and development projects.

Standard terms and conditions for research, development and innovation activities (RDI) financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

General terms and instructions for research and development activities funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 2021

Guidelines for reporting on research and development activities

Final technical report (Annex 2)