Key project of the Sipilä's Government 2015 - 2019

Government key projects

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government’s objectives were to bring the Finnish economy onto a path of sustainable growth and higher employment and to safeguard sufficient financial resources for public services and social protection.

With its five strategic priorities in the Government Programme, Sipilä’s Government was taking steps to follow through with essential reforms. The strategic objectives were materialised in the form of 26 key projects. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry were partly responsible for bioeconomy and clean solutions.

Bioeconomy and clean solutions

  • Towards carbon-free, clean and renewable energy cost-efficiently
  • Wood on the move and new products from forests
  • Breakthrough of a circular economy, getting waters into good condition
  • Finnish food production will be profitable, trade balance on the rise
  • Nature policy based on trust and fair means