National Forest Strategy 2035

Finland's National Forest Strategy extending to 2035 has been completed. The national Forest Strategy 2035 was drawn up during 2022 strongly based on knowledge and interaction. The national Forest Council approved the renewed strategy on 14 December 2022.

The need to reform the strategy arose from the rapidly changing environment where the forest sector operates, both nationally and internationally. The new strategy takes into account, in a more up-to-date manner, a comprehensive approach to sustainable development and the role of forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation. The new forest strategy has numerous interlinkages to many other national and international strategies.

The forest strategy was drawn up as an extensive and interactive process in cooperation between different experts. The process includeed workshops, questionnaires, seminars and discussion events. The aim in the work on the forest strategy was to coordinate the regional interests and the needs of different stakeholders in the best possible way.

The vision of National Forest Strategy 2035 - Growing Wellbeing from Forests and for Forests

Strategic objectives:

  1. Finland is a competitive operating environment for a responsible forest sector that is
    capable of renewing itself 
  2. Forests are in active, sustainable and diverse use
  3. We strengthen the vitality, diversity and adaptability of forests
  4. We strengthen knowledge-based management and competence in the forest sector

The implementation of the strategy will begin at the beginning of 2024.

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Further information

Erno Järvinen, metsäneuvos, yksikön päällikkö 
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Natural Resources Department, Unit for Forests and Bioenergy 0295162150  

Satu Rantala, Ministerial Adviser 
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