Contagious animal diseases

Animal diseases to be combated

In the Animal Diseases Act, an animal disease means a disease or infection that may be transmitted from an animal to another animal or to a human being. Under the act, animal diseases are divided into diseases that spread easily, dangerous animal diseases, animal diseases to be controlled, animal diseases to be reported and other animal diseases. Diseases that spread easily, dangerous animal diseases and animal diseases to be controlled are all called animal diseases to be combated. The Act also includes provisions on emerging serious animal diseases, which mean exotic or very rare animal diseases that are comparable to an animal disease to be combated in terms of their harmful effects but have not been designated as an animal disease to be combated or an animal disease to be reported.

Prevention in Finland

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is the highest authority steering the implementation of the Animal Diseases Act and the provisions issued under it as well as the EU legislation to be implemented by means of the Animal Diseases Act. The Ministry also controls the compliance with the provisions. The Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto plans, steers, develops and controls the combating of animal diseases at the national level. Evira is also responsible for maintaining animal disease preparedness and for animal disease diagnostics and research. The Regional State Administrative Agencies plan, steer, control and implement the combating of animal diseases and maintain animal disease preparedness in their respective areas of operation. In their operating areas, municipal veterinary officers are the competent authorities responsible for certain tasks laid down in the Animal Diseases Act. These duties are determined in more detail in the Act.

For more information, please visit the website of the Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto.

Further information

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