Project on invasive alien predators to allow birds to nest in peace

The aim of the HAAHKA (‘EIDER’) project on invasive alien predator species is to make it possible for birds to nest in peace.

In the Helmi habitats programme, 80 lakes that are important habitats for waterfowl will be restored in conservation areas. In most of these, constant action is needed to remove invasive alien predators. Some of these conservation areas are state-owned, while some are in private ownership.

This measure requires broad cooperation between the National Parks Finland of Metsähallitus, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finnish Wildlife Agency and game management associations.

The plans include ongoing, location-specific capturing of invasive alien predators, boosted by crackdowns by professional hunters.

In the HAAHKA project a particular focus is on removing the invasive alien species mink and raccoon dog from nesting areas.

The project is led by the Finnish Wildlife Agency, and the other actors include the Nature and Game Management Trust Finland, Association for the Management and Protection of Archipelago Nature and e.g. Pargas Game Management Association.