Floods and drought

Variations in weather and hydrological conditions are part of the environmental conditions in Finland, affecting individuals and the society in many ways. Extreme conditions, like storms, floods and drought, may threaten human health and safety and compromise vital societal functions, for example, by damaging water and energy supply networks and hampering the operation of transport systems. Even though the risks associated with floods, drought and other natural disasters are lower in Finland than in most other parts of the world, prevention efforts are necessary. The importance of prevention has increased: societies are growing more vulnerable as building density increases, buildings become more technical and climate change causes floods and droughts to become more frequent.

The primary goal is to prevent any threats to human health and safety and to prevent and mitigate the adverse consequences for communities. Property owners and public and private operators should be aware of potential risks and ensure their own, independent preparedness. The best way to prevent the emergence of new risk sites is to steer building and land use activities. Damages can also be minimised by investing in the maintenance of water system structures and their safety and in the smooth operation of preventive actions and rescue services during flood events.


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