Public funding for private forestry generates benefits for all

A private forest owner may receive financial support from the State for forest management and improvement work as well as for nature management. The objective of State support is to encourage forest owners to take measures with long-term impacts, the benefits of which will be enjoyed after several decades.

Public funding for forestry is based on the Act on the Financing of Sustainable Forestry. The general objectives of forestry financing are stated in the Act: increase the growth of forests, maintain road networks for forestry purposes, secure the biodiversity of forests and promote the adaptation of forests to climate change.

Forest management and improvement work that may be eligible for support include the tending of seedling stands, tending of young stands, ditch cleaning and supplementary ditching and construction of forest roads. Support may also be granted for remedial fertilisation.

Nature management in commercial forests is promoted through environmental support and forest nature management projects. Environmental support may be granted for additional costs and income losses due to preservation and management of habitats of special value. The works to be designed and implemented in nature management projects are defined in further detail in the legislation. Most of the forest nature management projects have special regional importance. Apart from habitats of special value, they may concern landscape management, preventing damage to waters and restoration of ditched areas.

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