State fisheries management fee

Finland applies a fisheries management fee system which is based on the Fishing Act. Fishermen aged 18 to 64 years engaged in fishing other than angling, jigging and ice fishing must pay a fisheries management fee to the state. If necessary, a fisherman must be able to prove his or her age to the fishing supervisor. Everyone who has paid the fisheries management fee and everyone under 18 or at least 65 years of age has the right to engage in lure fishing with one rod and lure in the whole country, except in rapids and currents in waters containing migratory fish or waters where fishing is prohibited under another provision.

Under the common fishing right angling, jigging, ice fishing and fishing Baltic herring with a rod and vertically moved hooks attached to a line ("silakkalitka") is allowed without a fishing permit.

In the Fishing Act angling free of charge means fishing with one rod and hook without a lure and a reel suitable for spinning.

In the Fishing Act jigging and ice fishing free of charge means fishing with one short rod and vertically moved jig attached to a line.

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