Climate measures in the land use sector

 Achieving the target of a carbon neutral Finland by 2035 requires significant measures fast to reduce emissions in the energy and transport sectors, as well as emission reductions in the land use sector and strengthening carbon sinks and reservoirs. As stated in the Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government, during this Government term the land use sector will be even more closely linked to the planning and implementation of the national climate and energy policy. The Government Programme contains a good number of climate measures concerning agriculture, forestry and land use changes that will in future be incorporated into the climate plan for the land use sector.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduced and carbon sinks and reservoirs increased in agriculture and forestry

In the land use sector, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced especially in the use of peatlands and by preventing the conversion of forests into other types of land (forest loss). Carbon sequestration in forests can be promoted by taking care of forest health and productivity. Afforestation of wastelands is one way to increase the forest area and, through this, carbon sequestration.

To preserve carbon sinks and reservoirs, it is also important to prepare for the growing risks, including plant diseases and forest damages.

Production and use of scientific knowledge in a key position

Climate measures implemented in the land use sector contribute to the achievement of climate targets set nationally, in the EU climate framework and in international contexts. Cost-efficient and effective implementation requires a strong knowledge base and impact assessments, which is why the production and efficient utilisation of scientific knowledge are in a key position.

Work to implement the climate measures is done across different sectors and in cooperation with private stakeholders. Many of the measures also contribute to the targets set in other Government strategies, programmes and projects. The current steering systems and incentives are being used to promote climate measures in the land use sector. 

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