Forest inventories

The National Forest Inventory is a monitoring system that produces information concerning national and regional forest resources - volume, growth and quality of growing stock, land use structure and forest ownership, forest health, biodiversity of forests and forest carbon stocks and their changes.

The national forest inventories form a unique time series of the development of forests in Finland: The first NFI in Finland was carried out already in 1920's. Since then NFIs have been made regularly in 5–10 years cycles.

The Finnish Forest Centre provides an eService for forest owners

The Finnish Forest Centre is a state-funded organisation covering the whole country. The Finnish Forest Centre is tasked with promoting forestry and related livelihoods, advising landowners on how to care for and benefit from their forests and the ecosystems therein, collecting and sharing data related to Finland's forests and enforcing forestry legislation. The Metsää eServices offer the latest information directly to forest owners on their properties.

Metsää is a portal through which people who own forest property in Finland can conduct business related to their forests from the comfort of their own homes. As soon as they log in, users can see what should be done in their forests right now. Information is displayed for each forest stand compartment, broken down by soil type, tree type and natural occurrence, and possible logging or forestry actions are suggested, including income and cost estimates. Maps and aerial photographs clearly show where properties are located and what they look like. Users log in securely using their online banking codes. The portal connects forest owners with related third parties, including providers of forestry services. This makes it easy to commission management work and to be in touch with forestry professionals.

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