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In international comparison, Finland’s forest resources are very well known. Already since the 1920s the National Forest Inventories have produced reliable data on the forest resources. The natural resources Institute Finland is responsible for the national forest inventory. The results of the inventories are used for various purposes, including the monitoring of forest resources. Information is also needed for reporting in international contexts and in strategic planning.

The Finnish Forest Centre is using a remote sensing method based on laser scanning to collect data on forest resources. The data that has been collected is kept up-to-date by means of forest growth calculations and information on the implementation of different kinds of measures. Forest resources information is openly accessible to all. The Finnish Forest Centre uses the information it has collected for the supervision of forest legislation and provision of advisory services to forest owners. Forest owners and other stakeholders can also use the information for planning the management and use of their forest property through the Metsää service. 

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