National game policy strategies

Strategy of the Finnish Wildlife Consortium

The mission of the Finnish Wildlife Consortium is to oversee the viability of game populations, ensure the diverse and sustainable use of game resources and coordinate various expectations related to game husbandry. The Consortium’s strategy forms the foundation for decision-making and joint planning of action in the field of game policy.

The objectives of the Finnish Wildlife Consortium’s strategy:

  • to strengthen the position of game husbandry in the context of ecosystem services and the conservation of biodiversity
  • to promote the recognition of and appreciation for the numerous ways in which game husbandry increases well-being
  • to ensure the availability of reliable, up-to-date and shared game data as the basis of game husbandry
  • to collaborate in a transparent and active manner with citizens, international partners and stakeholders
  • to operate  in ways that are effective, economical, customer-oriented and proactive and to ensure the Consortium’s continuous development.

The Finnish Game Consortium has also implemented an information management strategy to support the activities and development of the Consortium members. The mission of the strategy is to make the Consortium’s activities more efficient by offering effective electronic services to its customers and decision-makers.